EA Studios VP is skeptical about free-to-play on consoles

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EA Studios executive Vice President speaks about free to play games on consoles, and their respective success in the future.

Patrick Söderlund spoke out recently in an interview with MCV, discussing the popularity and success on free to play games and their futures on this generation of consoles. 

Patrick isn’t convinced that the free-to-play model will have the same success on consoles as it had on mobile platforms. “Only 18 months ago, most mobile games were full game downloads. Now I’d say 90 per cent are freemium.” Söderlund said, “That change happened very quickly. Whether that will happen on the consoles I don’t know.”

This is a very big “reassurance” coming from somebody that is a part of a company such as EA, who are very deep in the gaming industry and its day to day problems. Although EA as a company overall have not always pleased their fans the most, at least we can rely on the fact that they won’t be going Free-to-play in the next little bit. 

Söderlund continued on in the interview to compare that consoles and mobile games are not the same thing, but still stands behind his point. “"I still think the console market is different to the mobile market. Mobile games are much cheaper. It’s like film. YouTube is free, but to see Gravity at the cinema, it will cost you money. One does not remove the other one.”

Söderlund speaks about the longevity of console free-to-play games as well as the integrity of the business models co-existing, referring to free-to-play games and pay-to-play. Even going on to make the comment about paying for battlefield, and knowing what you buy. “Some prefer to pay $60 and get the full experience. Sometimes when I play freemium games on mobile I feel ‘these guys just want more money.’ When I pay $60 for Battlefield, I know what I am getting.”

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