Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer is a step up from the past

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Call of Duty Ghosts might not be innovating and might have paywalls everywhere, but it's still a great game at the core.

Call of Duty: Ghosts released lastnight worldwide and is making headlines on twitter and all over social media. Regardless if the publicity is good or bad, it’s being talked about and it’s infected the internet like all big releases do. This time however, the Call of Duty excitement might actually be for good reason and not just because it’s everyone’s favorite game to hate.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is actually a pretty damn good game, from an outsider’s perspective that is. Of course there are the common arguments about graphics and gameplay and lack of realism, the common ones. But aside from the usual complaints Call of Duty: Ghosts is quite a step up from Infinity Ward’s prior releases. 
I can never bring myself to respect the motif of creating the same rehashed game year after year and trying to push it for sales as much as possible. Innovation and creativity are needed in order to please, however there is something about Ghosts that makes it easy, and addictive to play. The down-sight aiming in game while moving throughout the map is effortlessly smooth and allows for very quick reaction times, regardless if the auto aim is a bit high. The mobility of the character has been vastly improved compared to the previous games and your character feels natural now as you move throughout the map, no longer is it sluggish and chunky. 

The biggest improvement I have seen in the Call of Duty franchise with Ghosts release are the maps, while some might be mediocre there are exceptionally designed levels. In Ghosts, it seems a decision was made to increase size of the maps and allow for less chokeholds in the main flow of the map. Essentially this allows multiple options for mobility on the map rather than just being bottlenecked into the same 3 or 4 areas each time while trying to cross borders. This allows for a much wider variety of play and it actually makes the map transitions feel seamless and easy. There are of course some very bad maps with very poor design, but they are still fun to play on somehow. 

Call of Duty Ghosts brings new killstreaks and loadouts to the game as well, the updated HUD is fantastic looking and is certainly a major improvement over the prior versions in the franchise. It seems like a lot of fan service came along with Ghosts rather than trying something over the top different, Infinity opted to please everyone where it meant the most and stick to it. 

There are quite a few new modes in Call of Duty Ghosts including the new extinction mode. This mode replaces the old zombie mode and is instead replaced with aliens. Players must defend drills and strategic points that are trying to excavate what looks like a massive piece of alien flesh, and are hounded by what looks like deformed alien cats that want to claw your eyes out. The new mode is a stretch better than zombies and is actually engaging between each player rather than just camping in one corner like the zombies playstyle has been in the past. 


Ghosts is definitely a cut above the rest when it comes to Call of Duty, and it seems like it can only get better. Of course there are paywalls hidden all over the place to entice players to buy into DLC’s and seasons passes, but these are easily avoided and the gameplay can be quite refreshing without them. I have no indication to buy anything more for my gameplay, although not impressed with the fact that paywalls and DLC are becoming ever more present, I’m glad it doesn’t hinder my gameplay. At the end of the day Call of Duty will never be innovating or inspiring to the current gen industry unless people are looking for how to make boat loads of cash, but I’m glad to finally see Call of Duty stepping up instead of falling down. 

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