Age of Wushu Livestream Beginner's Guide


EXP's Age of Wushu Beginner's Guide

So, in the frantic wave of hype-fuelled adventure that was the official (if early) launch of Age of Wushu last week, you poked your head in to take a peek at this new sandbox MMORPG and discovered, if nothing else, that you had absolutely no freaking idea what you were doing.

Don't worry, that's how most of us felt the first time we entered the strange and dangerous world of Jianghu. Most of this unwarrented confusion is no fault of the game itself, but more, the lack of localisation talent from publish Snail Games US; in their rush to get Age of Wushu out the door, Snail Games forgot to... well, finish making it. 

However, even if Snail Games had made an effort to squash all of the bugs, redesign the interface and iron out the tutorial process, Age of Wushu would still be an incredibly difficult game to learn to play for most of the general population. 

Going against the grain

Why? Simple. It's a sandbox. It's a game that's best played very, very slowly - because, soon after the tutorial phase ends (and that's assuming that the poor translations and difficult-to-grasp directions don't see you uninstalling it before then, anyway) you'll come to 'the cliff', and it's at that point that you'll need to start thinking of your own things to do.

You won't find any many quests or aroows pointing you in the right direction: you'll need to figure out what you want to do, and how you want to do it all by yourself. Unless you join a guild - and in my opinion, that's exactly what you should do.

But... we're getting ahead of ourselves. The cliff comes later - first, you've got a lot of work to do. You'll need to learn how to fight, choose a school and learn how to survive in the open-world PvP envirnoment that is Jianghu. Fortunately,, I've got a video that'll help you do exactly that. It's a livestream recording, so you might need to skip ahead from time-to-time. Oh, and at one point, my neighbours come over and try to kill me, then my boss comes over to save me. Enjoy.


Too much information?

Okay, I know not all of you are going to have the time to sit through a 3-hour livestream video just to learn the basics of Age of Wushu, so here are a few more videos with a shorter, more defined focus.

First, take a look at the Combat Basics Tutorial:

Selecting a school

Choosing your school will likely be the most important decision you'll ever make in Age of Wushu, and as you can't change your mind (and you're limited to a single character per server) it's one that you aren't going to want to take lightly.

Here's a video explaining all of the schools, detailing their skill-sets with a brief overview:


Dungeon grinding

Dungeons in Age of Wushu are some of the most enjoyable experiences you can have; they're complicated, difficult and hugely rewarding, with many offering flying skills that'll give you access to a new world of combat in Wushu.

Here's a video giving you a look at the first dungeon, Twilight Village:


Don't drop the soap

That's about all you should need to get a good start in Age of Wushu. From here, you're going to want to start looking into professions, and eventually, PvP.

Be warned: when you begin PvPing, eventually, you're going to end up in jail. Just don't drop the soap if the Goons are in there with you...


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