Corsual Let's Play: Cube World with EXP (Ep.3)

In Episode 3 of our adventures into Cube World, we discover the lost art of weapon modification, allowing us to, quite literally, alter the visual style of our weapons in any way we can imagine. We also kill a giant Onion.

DATE: 10. Jul 2013



Oh, what a joyous day it is. I'd been enjoying Cube World; now I'm in love with it. It wasn't the discovery of new enemies, or increasing my level enough to unlock stealth that did it. And it wasn't learning that potions could be used while moving, or how to make them. And it wasn't even learning how to tame pets, or the promise of hang gliding in the near future.

No. It was the weapon customisation, and everything it entailed. In short, by using blocks of ore and gems, Cube World allows players to alter the shape and look of their weapons, simply by adding additional blocks to them. The effects are wondrous, literally allowing players to design their own weapon skins. 

Consider me hooked. You can check out the VOD from today's show below, and be sure to check out Episode 1 and Episode 2 if you haven't already. May our Cube World adventures continue forever!

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