Corsual Let's Play: Don't Starve with EXP

In today's Corsual Let's Play, EXP attempts to survive, alone and cold in the wilderness in the new indie game, Don't Stave.

DATE: 24. Apr 2013



Lost. Alone. Cold. Scared. These are words you'll quickly become familiar with if you play the new indie adventure, Don't Starve. As a lone survivor lost in the wilderness, your task is simple: don't starve. And don't die.

Don't Starve is a randomly generated sandbox, much like minecraft and with similar mechanics: you'll need to chop wood for a fire, pick berries to eat, trap small, innocent creature to roast, build buildings to stay safe and do science... because it's great.

Join EXP in today's Corsual Let's Play to see just how much fun this little gem can be:


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