New Browser TCG Rise of Mythos Review

EXP is strong-armed into trying a new online TCG MMO; would you like to know more?

DATE: 04. Sep 2013



I don't play many browser games anymore; this is partly a result of no longer needing to work in an office, but mostly because I have better things to do than wait 9 years for my characters and buildings to level themselves so that I can click on a button and receive some ridiculous reward.

However, on occasion, a browser game comes past my desk that someone says is worth a look, and begrudgingly, I check it out. Such as it was with Rise of Mythos, a free to play (is there any other kind?) browser game that blends RPG mechanics with TCG gameplay.

Which is to say: it's a trading card game that attempts to offer more than trading cards. Which is probably a good thing, too - with Blizzard's Hearthstone just around the corner, simple card game mechanics definitely won't be enough to compete.


In the simplest terms (and once you've managed to get through the spam crazy tutorial), the gameplay offered in Rise of Mythos is simple and mind-numbingly pleasant. You create a deck of cards using booster packs you buy in the store (using both in-game currency and/or real money) and, in battle, use them to kill the enemy hero. 

In the story campaign, the enemy heroes vary depending on your location in the world. In PvP challenges, they're determined by your level... or rank... or reputation... or something. And in the other PvE modes, which usually see you teaming up with other players to kill bosses and complete challenges, you simply choose the challenge appropriate to your level and skill.


Outside of combat, Rise of Mythos operates under the tried and true browser-based RPG mechanics; there's a city, you can click on things to create new things, and there's a world map with quest progression so you don't get lost.

The interface is terribly cluttered, but it's functional and offers plenty of options. There's a place to buy new booster packs, a place to combine cards together to make better versions, a place to combat other players in PvP or complete challenges to increase your stats; there's a lot to do, probably too much (especially in the early game), but dedicated players will make their way through the clutter with relative ease.


For every good, there's usually a bad, and Rise of Mythos is no exception. I haven't played it enough to talk to you about late-game deck balance and PvP mechanics, but I've seen enough in my 20-odd levels to know that there are things that piss me off.

Chiefly, automated combat. I hate it. I understand why it's there, but I don't like the idea of people grinding away battles without any input. It's a video game, for Christ's sake: you play it.

There's also a lot of repeated assets; you'll see the same cards a lot, and the same enemies, and until you start decking yourself out with epic gear and quality cards, that's not like to change.

That said, if you're in the market for something new to eat your time (or, like me, you're so hung up on Hearthstone that you're happy to play anything with cards in it) then Rise of Mythos will keep you busy for a time. There's great underlying game mechanics here, if wrapped in a fairly ancient looking wrapper, but you know what they say: graphics don't make the game.

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