Sanne - 23.10.2012

11 Legends

With 11 Legends you have the chance to manage your own soccer team. You can easily manage your training sessions, sustain your team if somebody is hurt and change tactics to win the next match. Additionally you have the opportunity to take care of the club area. Expand your buildings and ...



Sanne - 11.12.2012


As the name already suggests this game takes place in the year 1100AD. You are responsible for a little village which hopefully will grow to a large and powerful city with your help. Still, until that day comes there is a lot of work to do. The base of succes in 1100AD is a...



Sebastian - 08.01.2013


11x11 is a free game for all soccer fans. You are the coach and the manager of a soccer team which you create. Be better than every other coach and win with your team all leagues. Challenge different teams in friendly matches or play against them in tournaments. But to be successful you have to kee...



Stiegi - 02.04.2014

7 Days To Die

Survive the Zombie apocalypse and defend yourself against the Undead with constructions in Minecraft style. It was just a matter of time until DayZ and Minecraft will be mixed up. The result that we have here is pretty entertainting despite the fact that it’s still in Early Access. The world...



Sanne - 03.12.2012

Online soccer manager gives you the opportunity to train your own soccer club and lead them to success. After your registration you can start immediately with your work as manager. First it would be good to look for a sponsor who supports your team for a long time. If you have ensured...



Sanne - 06.11.2012

Ace of Spades

In Ace of Spades you are not simply a soldier in a never-ending war against an opposing team - you're a designer, tasked with creating your own world block-by-block, and building up your defense bit-by-bit. Together with friends, you'll defeat the opposing teams using clever ...



Sanne - 30.11.2012

Action Soccer

Get ready for the kickoff! The soccer manager Action Soccer offers a lot of fun and variety for the player. Your task is it to form a team which defeats all other teams. What first may seem easy is in Action Soccer just something for real experts. It is your decision how good or bad a...



Sebastian - 08.03.2013

Age of Empires 2 HD

A classic among real time strategy games returns with a new look: Age of Empires 2 HD. Thanks to glammed up graphic and the possibility to play the game on current computer systems you are once again, as a medieval lord able to build up your own little empire. Throughout 13 civilization are waiting ...



Sanne - 23.11.2012

Age of Empires 3

With Age of Empires 3 the developer leave behind the Middle Ages and step forward to a new era. This time you are in the New World: America! Right in front of your eyes you will see how the land is colonized and the first Europeans meet the Native Americans. Age of Empires 3 is based on t...



Sebastian - 08.01.2013

Age of Empires Online

Almost everyone has heard the name Age of Empire at least once in their life. Since then the name represented a terrific strategy game and a large amount of fun. Now there is this Age of Empires Online version which you can play as a Free2play game. Like in all other Age of Empire games you have to...



Tob - 13.02.2013

Age of Wonders 3

Age of Wonders 3 connects the simple strategy game with role play elements. This connection leads to a great variety of different classes of characters and specializations. Nevertheless the game principal is still the same: found your empire and organize it how you want. Expend your empire by disco...



Cody - 11.06.2013

Age of Wulin: Legend of the Nine Scrolls

There aren’t many games in the world like Age of Wulin (also known as Age of Wushu in the US). In truth, the only other MMORPG that’s similar is the widely renowned sci-fi MMORPG, Eve Online - though, you’d never know it just by looking at it. You see, Age of Wulin isn’...



Cody - 11.04.2013

Age of Wushu

There aren’t many games in the world like Age of Wushu. In truth, the only other MMORPG that’s similar is the widely renowned sci-fi MMORPG, Eve Online - though, you’d never know it just by looking at it. You see, Age of Wushu isn’t a typical themepark MMO where players comp...



Sanne - 07.12.2012

Agrar Simulator 2013

Welcome to your own farm! In Agrar Simulator 2013 you will handle a lot of work which you would also find on a real farm. You have the choice between different landscapes like the USA, the Tuscany or the Alps. They have different graphic styles and terrain. Furthermore you have in Agrar Si...



Sanne - 16.10.2012


Especially in the MMORPG scene the Asian developers are very hard working. For years online role-play games developed in the Far East are published regularly. So even there they have a big competition. Nevertheless Aion could assert itself on the market. Atreia is a planet in a fantasy world which ...



Sebastian - 30.01.2013

Airline Company

Be your own boss over the clouds lead your airline to success. You are the manager and you will be confronted with all daily concerns a manager of an airline has. New airplanes, new employees, and the organization of the airway and buying kerosene are just some examples. But not enough you still ha...



Sebastian - 01.02.2013

Alan Wake

Alan Wake is produced from the same company like Max Payne. With Max Payne the company set high standards in fields like action and storytelling. Just a few games reach this standard and one of it is Alan Wake. It is exciting and the atmosphere is just fascinating. Even though it is produced by the...



Sanne - 15.01.2013

Aliens: Colonial Marines

In Aliens: Colonial Marines you take over the role of a soldier who reacts to an emergency call of a navy squad that is on board of the U.S.S. Sulaco. Captain Cruz leads a team of the U.S.S. Sephora to a colony. On the way you will find a lot of scary things. Together with your team you are looking...



Sebastian - 12.02.2013

Allods Online

Allods Online is part of a successful line of games from Astrum Nival. All started in the nineties with the strategy-RPG Allods: Sealed Mystery. Just one year after the release of Allods the next episode followed. After this exciting start it became quiet and ten years later Allods Online was releas...



Sebastian - 23.10.2012


Egypt a beautiful country in the north of Africa. The Nil flows through the infinite desert. Water changes desert into an oasis. But appearances are deceptive. Egypt is in a tumult, the gods split apart. Release the frightened Egyptian from the evil! Amunis is a great strategy game that connects co...