Riot Games launches API Beta for public use

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What new and fascinating things will the playerbase and fans of League of Legends come up with?

Riot Games has definitely made some leaps and bounds this past year with their popular MOBA game League of Legends, and even more today with their latest announcement. Apparently being announced the “Number one played game in the world” wasn’t good enough, and Riot has opted to further their most popular game by releasing a beta API for League of Legends applications and tools.

There are already sites out there that pull from different databases to get their information for League of Legends, some websites offer guides for builds on certain champions, others offer in Depth strategy guides for the meta game. This API build for League of Legends could seriously kickstart some extremely interesting projects from fans and players of the game. 

Riot has said that the production of an app for League of Legends will begin on a public level, basic developer Portal key using your account info on League of Legends. After a working model has been made with the beta API and you have experimented with your demo key to your desire you can apply for a production level key to make it come to life. 

The results of this project from Riot might open up something incredibly unusual and interesting for the League of Legends community. You can read more about the League of Legends API beta build and how to get started here. 

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